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How to keep your car BEAUTIFUL inside and out

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You spend countless hours in your car interior, so it makes sense to keep it a sweet smelling, clean and pristine, ‘home away from home’ by using the services of a professional car detailer…

In an ideal world your car interior is a sacrosanct space immune to dust, dirt and grime. In reality the wear and tear of everyday use comes into play and sometimes you need to travel with smaller/younger family members or worst case scenario – the family pet!


    The average, a car interior has more dirt and germs than the average public bathroom?  A recent survey found that a public toilet is in many cases, cleaner than the interior of many cars because of perspiration, eating in the car and transporting pets.Which is all normal, everyday use of your vehicle. But think about how often you clean your home verses how often you clean your car interior?

This is where utilising a professional car interior cleaning service comes to the fore, because when a professional looks inside your car, they see a different picture. That tiny scratch, the stain on your once pristine leather upholstery, those hard to reach dog hairs – their well trained eye picks up things no one else would and then they get busy, bringing your car interior back to life!

  • Sucking the life out of dirt – Powerful industrial vacuum cleaners ensure that every nook and crevice of your car’s interior is cleaned. They also remove visible dust and other foreign particles as well as more insidious, invisible allergens and bacteria.
  • Steam works! Powerful steamers clean carpets and certain types of upholstery, removing difficult stain such as: Makeup, oil, gum, tree sap, or tar, without the need to saturate or damage materials with harsh chemicals.
  • No stone unturned – Hard surfaces are thoroughly cleaned including the dashboard, air vents, panel seams, and radio buttons as well as safety-belt buckles, change drawer, the glove compartment, and ashtray. Plastic and vinyl conditions are thereafter applied with brushes and application pads leaving the surface looking like new without looking artificially shiny.   
  • Finishing touches – After cleaning, leather surfaces are carefully cleaned, warmed, prepared and replenished using the finest Zymöl leather products. This is particularly valuable for dried-out leather.
  • If at first you don’t succeed – A second vacuuming removes dirt dislodged during the cleaning process.
  • The smell of success - Zymöl and all our natural products smell wonderful without leaving an artificial over powering smell designed in most cases to cover up odours & not eliminate them. When the interior is cleaned correctly in the first place (as our deep steam cleaning does) the odour producing bacteria is then killed, preventing odours to return. This is a true test for any detailer.

Watch - Car interior Cleaning and Sanitizing

Professional car interior cleaning is therefore just what the name implies—it is a meticulous process, going beyond simply picking up old fast-food wrappers and emptying the ashtray. It involves a deep cleaning of the whole car interior, with a variety of techniques and products used to achieve a revitalised appearance.

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