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Keep your windscreen clean, clear and ultra-protected this winter

Nano glass coating technology is changing the way scientists look at the world, and now it’s changing the way you look at oncoming traffic…

We’ve officially entered the cooler months of autumn, which will soon be followed by icy winter conditions; like relentless rain, freezing snow and the mind numbing fog and frost that we’ve all come to know…but not love!

To combat these adverse weather conditions it’s an excellent idea to apply a nano glass coating to your car’s exterior glass that will help it keep clean and clear. Once applied to your car windscreen, nano glass coating instantly acts as glass protection, repelling most substances that come into contact with it. Water or oil simply forms into beads that run off, which not only means it’s easier to keep your windscreen clean, but more importantly, driving becomes safer as visibility is significantly improved.

After our treatment the clarity of the glass is permanently and significantly enhanced as a result of its hydrophobic (anti-moisture) effect. You will see the rainwater, literally, ‘run off’ your windscreen/windshield as you drive down the road in the rain. This super hydrophobic effect works in conjunction with the natural airflow over the vehicle to rapidly disperse water droplets. It is particularly useful on higher speed roads such as motorways and freeways as visibility and driving comfort is vastly improved in adverse weather conditions.

Another benefit is that it stops snow and ice from making a strong bond to the windscreen – making it significantly easier to clean it, with no strenuous scraping required. Even better, our Ultra Glass Sealant also has a lengthy lifespan of 25 000 km on the windshield and approximately 60 000 kilometres on glass surfaces without wiper contact.

Although glass coatings or sealants are great for the outside of your car, always let the cars de-misting function clear the inside of your windscreen. It may take a bit longer, but is much safer and more effective. If patience is not a strong point of yours, there are new permanent Anti-Misting coatings that are coming in to the market and will prevent the inside of your windscreen from misting up.


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