Luxury Detailing Services for Your Vehicle

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Luxury Detailing Services for Your Vehicle

Luxury Detailing Services for Your Vehicle

Keeping your car looking as good as new doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With Swiss Detailing, you’ll have access to all the great services and attention to detail your car deserves. From interior detailing to scratch removal, we are your number one solution. Our detailing services are superior and we ensure that we keep your car looking in pristine condition, all year round.

Some of our detailing services include wheel waxing, scratch removal, engine detail, door jambs waxing and metal trim polishing. With our scratch removal service, we’ll simply and safely repair stone chips and scratches to the highest Swiss standards. You’ll enjoy an increase in your used car value without the cost and hassle of a body shop. Our wheel waxing service is just as beneficial; after cleaning with Zymöl Wheel Cleaner the wheels are clay-bared to remove any contamination, HD-Cleanse is applied and then the wax of your choice is applied. This unique formula captures brake and road dust and one quick rinse will wash away the dirt, leaving your wheels looking brand new again.

Leather Conditioning

Sunlight, freezing and everyday use will permanently damage the finish of your leather upholstery, making the hide dry and brittle. Our conditioning process starts by deep cleaning the leather, using steam, which opens the pores releasing the grime. The clean leather is now ready for Zymöl Leather Conditioner™. It replenishes the moister to keep your leather looking, feeling and smelling like new.

Swiss Detailing offers a home service that puts perfection before compromise; a service designed to lighten the responsibility of having a scratch-free car. We ensure that your car looks as good as new inside and out, We schedule our visits based on your individual driving usage so that your car is always clean, always protected and ready when you want it.

Swiss Detailing specializes in a variety of car detailing services, including a home service, as well as signature and interior detailing. Contact us today for a quotation and allow us to provide the best possible service to the interior or exterior of your car.

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