They call me the Master Detailer.

For my skill. My precision. My affinity for the care and preservation of Switzerland’s luxury cars.

I’ve always been a car man. And for the past twenty years I’ve been honing my skills, detailing some of the most luxurious cars known to man. I’ve even been called upon internationally for my skill. I am both proud and grateful that my passion has led me here, to do what I love.

Reputation goes a long way in this business and I am sought out time and time again for the care and attention I provide to every car left in my hands. For me, this is more than just a business. Cars are my life – they’re my passion, it’s how I feed my family.

Through Swiss Detailing I am humbled and pleased to play a part in the life of these beautiful cars – to serve, restore, preserve and transform.

I look forward to meeting you, and your car.

Stephan Graf
Swiss Detailing


  • “Fantastic work and care – car just like new after the treatment – I will repeatedly and regularly ask for such services!”

    Dr. Felix FischerMaserati GranCabrio, Audi R6 Avant
  • “Meticulous attention to detail and pride of workmanship are prime life motivators for me. It was a rare pleasure indeed to read your comprehensive summaries - your dedication is appreciated”

    Peter OFerrari 458, Ferrari GTO, La Ferrari


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