Perfection with Interior Detailing from Swiss Detailing

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Perfection with Interior Detailing from Swiss Detailing

Perfection with Interior Detailing from Swiss Detailing

Taking care of your car is very important, especially if you own a luxury car that needs to look its best. With our unique interior detailing service, you can be rest assured that your car will always look absolutely spotless as we are experts in professional car care. Our services are aimed at people who really value their vehicles and take pride in their appearance – inside and out.

Interior Detailing

With our interior detailing service, we take care of your car, from the inside, out. This all inclusive service sees all interior surfaces carefully steam cleaned and sanitised, removing everyday build-up as well as killing bacteria and germs. All surfaces are addressed, including carpets, leather, inner glass, roof lining and all vinyl or plastic surfaces.

Carpets and upholstery are powerfully tackled, using a 2000-watt extraction machine and leather surfaces are carefully cleaned, warmed, prepared and replenished using the finest Zymöl leather products. To achieve a thorough clean, all belongings will be removed prior to the service and carefully replaced where they belong at the end of the clean.

With a superior interior, your car will not only look great but you will also help to retain its value. Luxury cars need to look spotless as it’s your pride and joy, not to mention expensive to purchase, which is why you need our professional expertise to help you maintain its luxurious look. We always pay attention to detail, which is what sets us apart from regular cleaning services.

In addition to our interior detailing, we also offer defence detailing, classic car detailing, signature detailing and more. We believe in providing a quality service and turning every customer into a returning customer. We have been in business a number of years and specialise in luxury cars.

Swiss Detailing specializes in a variety of car detailing services, including a home service, as well as signature and interior detailing. Contact us today for a quotation and allow us to provide the best possible service to the interior or exterior of your car.

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