2 – 4 Days

Designed to correct minor paint defects and enhance the visual appeal of bodywork, this service is recommended for well maintained vehicles of all ages that have acquired light wash marring and faint swirl marks.

Recommended annually, or one-off treatment for your car, the Cleansing detail is made up of 52 separate stages, including the paint correction process which totally removes all unsightly swirl marks, micro-marring, holograms, light scratches, bird stains and water marks before the wax is applied to the paintwork.

  • Non-scratch luxury steam cleaning wash
  • Wheels, arches and door jambs cleaned with pH-neutral Zymöl Wheel Cleaner™ and a citrus degreaser
  • Paint decontamination with Clay-Bar, removes bonded contaminates (e.g. tree sap, iron filing) leaving the surface perfectly smooth.
  • Two stage paint correction, paintwork is re-levelled by a maximum of 1 or 2 microns to ensure that all surfaces reflect light perfectly. Isopropylalkohol wipe down to ensure all oils are removed from the polishing process.
  • Zymöl HD-Cleanse™ pre-wax preparation is applied to the paintwork followed by a
  • Zymöl Estate Glaze (wax) of your choice to be hand massaged into each panel.
  • Tyres and exterior plastics cleaned and conditioned.
  • Exterior glass, machine polished and cleaned with alcohol and a water repellent treatment.
  • All chrome and stainless steel surfaces cleaned and polished
  • Interior surfaces steam cleaned and sanitised killing all bacteria and germs


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