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Leather upholstery is the hallmark of premium car brands but it’s not immune to the negative effects of years of wear and tear. This leads to stains, rips, scratches and a general deterioration of its once lustrous appearance.

Realising this, we’ve launched a full leather restoration and cleaning service backed by our certification as a Fenice Leather Restoration expert. We are excited to offer the benefits of this world-class product, as Fenice technology meets the rigorous specifications required by the most prestigious automotive companies and successful tanneries worldwide.

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Professional car Leather cleaning

  • Leather Cleaning – Like the day you bought it.

Our professional Fenice Leather Cleaning System means we have a solution for most leather problems which allows us to solve the following issues:- Stains on the leather as a result of everyday wear and tear e.g:
– Jeans stains
- Dirt and soiling
- Old Ink stains
- Severe grease and oil stains
We also stock a cleaning kit for mild cleaning which is available on our online shop

Minor repairs

  • Minor Leather repairs and Touch Ups – Bring your car interior back to life

Our professional grade repair techniques restore your leather so that it looks like new even when faced with the following issues:
- Cigarette burn hole damage
- Dry, stiff, squeaky leather
- Fading
- Mould
- Scuffs and scratches
- Surface abrasions

Repair & Recoloring

  • Restoration, Repair and re-colouring – A complete makeover!

When leather becomes cut, scratched or worn the value of your vehicle deteriorates. Fortunately, in most cases you don’t need to replace the leather as with Fenice’s products, the interior can be renewed in a safe and efficient manner. There are two advantages to this approach firstly it’s more economical and secondly the value of the original leather interior is maintained. We advise the complete finishing of a car interior is advisable in the following situations
– Widespread damage
– Dirt has penetrated the leather so much that cleaning would remove the original finishing
– The original finishing appears worn

Steering wheel copy

  • Steering wheel renovation – In the right direction

Your steering wheel is constantly being handled…and so it should! But for leather clad steering wheels this leads to noticeable ageing of their leather covering but it can be restored either from the interior of the car or by removing the steering wheel.





Watch – Car Leather Cleaning & Restoration by Swiss Deatailing

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