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Professional Car Classic Detailing Services

Professional Car Classic Detailing Services

If you own a luxury car, you need to make use of the best possible services to maintain its magnificent appearance – inside and out. That is why you can benefit from professional services like Classic Car Detailing from Swiss Detailing. Taking care of your car’s paint will have a great effect on its appearance, which is important if you want your car to look as good as possible.

Classic Car Detailing is designed to correct paint defects and maximise the visual appeal of your classic car’s bodywork. It is recommended for all classic vehicles and collector pieces, so that you can not only maintain but improve its appearance on a regular basis. This service is ideal for all types of classic cars, especially expensive cars that need professional detailing.

What is Car Classic Detailing?

Car Classic Detailing is a service designed for the classic and modern classics collection. From a gentle hand wash to a full paint restoration. We will tailor a bespoke detail that not only enhances the car but increases its value. Profile Waxing is a special technique used to subtly enhance the various edges and folds of the car, in effect magnifying them. Arches look more flared and grooves appear deeper – emphasizing the features of the entire car.

In addition to Classic Car Detailing, you can make use of a variety of other services from Swiss Detailing, including Defence Detailing, Signature Detailing, and Cleansing Detailing. These services will allow you to make the most out of your car, while protecting it inside and out.

Taking care of your classic car collecting is essential if you want to maintain its value and also ensure that your collection is preserved and maintained as it should. Classic cars are usually very expensive, which is why detailing services are ideal for this.

Swiss Detailing specializes in a variety of car detailing services, including car classic detailing as well as signature and interior detailing. Contact us today for a quotation and allow us to provide the best possible service to the interior or exterior of your car.

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