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The VALUE of a valet

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There’s nothing like stepping into a brand new car that looks and smells – figuratively and perhaps even literally – like a million dollars! The reality is, however, that most cars don’t stay that way.

That said you can keep your investment vehicle looking and smelling like the day you bought it. Top of the list is investing in a regular car valet that allows you to restore your car to its original, perfect condition. In fact, a valet can even make your car look better than the day you took ownership of it.You will, however, need the help of a car detailing expert to achieve this level of conditioning, as there is a vast difference between a run of the mill car wash and a professional auto detailing services.

Washing your car at home just isn’t enough

If your aim is to maintain the investment vehicle of your car and ensure a beneficial resale value a professional car valet and detail service is a must and the difference is clear to see:

Cleaning – It’s vital to use top quality products and technique to wash and shampoo your car. Ultra-soft, real wool or microfiber wash mitts that are especially designed not scratch the finish and also retain an effective amount of water and shampoo on the mitt. It’s also very important to use quality car shampoo, because although ‘bargain brands’ may be cheaper, they lack the performance and protection afforded by high end products. We also use top quality microfibre towels, although a PVA chamois can also be an effective option.

  • FYI - A two bucket system, one with shampoo, the other with fresh water as well as bucket guards are placed at the bottom of each bucket to prevent the wash mitt from carrying dirt and debris back onto a car.
  • DID YOU KNOW? To achieve a thorough clean, we always take care to remove all your belongings prior to the service and carefully replace them exactly where we found them at the end of the clean. Just another way our attention to detail is second to none.

Polishing is different from waxing. Detailer’s polish a car to remove defects from the paint such as scratches, swirl marks and oxidized paint. The scratches are removed by smoothing the paint with polishing pastes, (also called compounds) Machines and soft pads gently rub around the scratch, leaving a perfectly smooth surface. After polishing the paint is naked and has no protection on the surface against the elements.

Polishing a car takes practice and know how. Unless you know what you are doing you should use a professional before damaging the paint of your car permanently.    

Waxing (protection) - As the only Zymöl licensed detailer in Switzerland and one of only 18 worldwide, we use Zymöl Estate Glazes (waxes)  to seal your car’s finish and help keep its “freshly polished” look. Waxes and sealants have two effects. Firstly to protect your car and secondly, to enhance the shine and gloss of the paint. Zymöl is famous for using extremely high amounts of Carauba wax (on average, up to 10 times more than other manufacturers)  Carnauba is a very hard natural wax that protects palm leaves from the harsh environment in the north of Brazil. Carnauba also has a very deep “warm” shine that many synthetic sealants try to match. In any case, this form of protection will keep your car looking great for years.

  •  DID YOU KNOW? -  Carnauba has been used for hundreds of years, In fact, Zymöl’s original formula is over 200 years old and was created to protect the enamel coated wood frame of the Landauer Coach in Bischoffheim Germany. 

Wheels and Tyres - Cleaning your wheels and tyres is an important part of car valeting. They are washed with shampoo, water and a brush and protected with a tyre dressing.

Engine Cleaning - This requires a quality engine degreaser, as well as a means of covering important sensors and components during the process. Engine protectant is used to keep your engine protected and clean ,looking like new.

Car Interior -This all-inclusive service sees all interior surfaces carefully steam cleaned and sanitised, removing everyday build-up as well as killing bacteria and germs. All surfaces are addressed, including carpets, leather, inner glass, roof lining and all vinyl or plastic surfaces. Carpets and upholstery are powerfully tackled, using a 2000-watt extraction machine and leather surfaces are carefully cleaned, warmed, prepared and replenished using the finest Zymöl leather products.

Most sources agree that there is no difference between the terms car valet and car detailing although we consider them separate  Originally In the UK a car valet was a professional car washing service where, in most cases your car was washed at home or where the car was stored.  However, today the line is blurred between car detailing and valeting. General rule of thumb is that you detail your car so that it becomes better than new and use a valet service to professionally wash and maintain your car to keep it looking its best after the detail. You could say that detailing tends to pick up where a car valet finishes off.

Detailing is a restoration service where each and every surface is attended to, to bring it back to its original former glory!

  • DID YOU KNOW? Car valeting or detailing is the process of cleaning, polishing and waxing a car to achieve an as-new look and enhance the resale value, for example, from restoring the paint to a scratch free surface all the way to repairing and conditioning leather.
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