This Summer the biggest threat to your car is the sun

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This Summer the biggest threat to your car is the sun

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Much like people utilise protection creams to minimise the sun’s damage to their skin, owners of vehicles and classic cars, use professional car detailing services to be sure that the exterior of their vehicle is preserved for longer.

The sun is a ‘silent killer’ when it comes to the condition of your car paintwork as you often only see the damage it has inflicted when it’s too late and your once lustrous paintwork, becomes dull and cloudy. This is because paint systems initially have UV inhibitors but these have a limited life span, with 50% of inhibitors being depleted after five years.

Fortunately, this can be prevented by correctly detailing your vehicle, by applying a professional grade car wax or sealants to protect the surface of your car. Just like sunscreen for humans, regular reapplication of car waxes is just as important to keep the correct level of protection.

Swiss Detailing uses all natural Zymöl Estate Glaze waxes to provide that layer of protection, which contain nourishing oils that help prevent paint from drying out by the sun. Paint oxidization creates a hazy or white chalky looking dust on the paint surface, also known as dead paint. Carnauba wax, the main ingredient in Zymöl Estate Glazes, has been used for hundreds of years to protect various surfaces. The wax is harvested from a rare Palm tree only grown in the north of Brazil..

The natural UV inhibitors found in Carnauba absorbs UV rays before it can cause damage to your paint. Carnuaba also adds more shine and gloss to your vehicle to greatly improve its appearance. As a general rule the higher the Canauba wax content by volume the better protection and higher the gloss.

Unfortunately, cheaper car waxes contain very little or no Carnauba to save costs, and do very little to protect your car. In fact in some cases will accelerate damage to your car.

Top Tips:

In addition to regular professional car waxing, other measures you can take to protect your car from the sun’s harmful rays, which may sound obvious but are often overlooked include:

  • Always opt for sheltered, shaded or fully covered parking when out and about (but not under trees)
  • If there isn’t shade available, think about investing in a car cover that will allow you to control the level of protection afforded to your car wherever you may be
  • Regularly hose down and ‘soft’ dry your car to remove tree sap, pollen, dust and bird droppings that can wear away at your car’s paint if left on the surface to bake in the sun. Remember! Only do this when the surface is cool and out of direct sunlight.

For more useful ideas try this handy link: or give me a call on +41 (0)44 558 4383 for additional advice on how to protect your car on a day-to-day basis.

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